Our foundation

The WEHAT Foundation was founded in 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in Uganda, by Collins Kasujja and Roy Mugisha to address the challenges and needs of vulnerable children within their community.

Our vision

The WEHAT Foundation’s vision is to create a poverty-free and child-empowered society in Uganda that is guided by the principles of equality, inclusion and accountability

Our work

The WEHAT Foundation is dedicated to empowering girls and children. The focus of the foundation is to break barriers and nurture potential. From educational programs to mentorship opportunities, the WEHAT Foundation has witnessed the transformative impact of investing in young girl’s futures. By partnering with schools, local communities, and advocacy groups, the foundation has cultivated environments where girls can flourish, dream, and achieve their aspirations.

The WEHAT Foundation’s commitment to children’s well-being has seen the expansion of healthcare initiatives and the creation of safe spaces for recreation and education to ensure that children have the opportunity to thrive. In underserved communities, the WEHAT Foundation’s sustainable development projects, ranging from clean water to vocational training programs, aim to uplift and empower residents towards self-suficiency.

Despite persistent challenges, our strong partnerships, collective determination, and innovative approach to sustainable development at the WEHAT Foundation continue to drive progress.

Areas of focus

The WEHAT Foundation focuses on the five vital pillars of a healthy childhood


The WEHAT Foundation provides relief to the vulnerable and disadvantaged children in selected neighborhoods within Kampala and across Uganda through food, domestic items, clothes, and many others.

women sharing sacks of posho flour during a wehat foundation welfare outreach


The WEHAT Foundation identifies vulnerable and disadvantaged children. After registering the children, the foundation identifies appropriate schools for the children selected and provides support to pay their school fees with constant monitoring and follow up on their education progress.

Besides formal education, the WEHAT Foundation involves these children in other forms of education, for example, career guidance, sports, and other appropriate activities.

two young boys sitting at a desk reading a book and smiling

Health care

The WEHAT Foundation partners and works with various medical centers and doctors to provide health care to children. In addition, we provide medication, vaccination, mosquito nets, and advice on the right nutrition for the better health of children.

baby getting immunization shot


The WEHAT Foundation lawyers and partners advocate for the rights of vulnerable and disadvataged children and provide support with legal representation where necessary.

The foundation also organizes camps occasionally to teach and educate communities about children’s rights.

young boy wearing a black t-shirt with the wehat foundation logo holding a lolipop and smiling

Talent development

The WEHAT Foundation engages, develops, and creates opportunities for children in different talent activities, including sports such as football, basketball, netball, and volleyball, in addition to other talents including singing, acting, dancing, and poetry.

boys playing football during a wehat foundation talent development camp