We are a champion for the welfare of children

The WEHAT Foundation is a non-profit organization advocating for the welfare of children from low-income families in eastern and central Uganda. Our foundation is providing opportunities for education, skill development, access to healthcare, and talent development.

We started the WEHAT foundation in 2020, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, to improve the welfare of families in Kanaabi village in eastern Uganda by providing basic household commodities, but it is quickly expanding its activities and coverage. Today, the WEHAT Foundation serves several communities in up to 5 districts in eastern and central Uganda.

Our areas of focus

Our foundation is built on five core pillars: welfare, education, healthcare, advocacy, and talent development. The WEHAT Foundation’s projects are tailored towards providing basic needs to families in need, education to children, better healthcare and developing talent.

women sharing sacks of posho flour during a wehat foundation welfare outreach
two young boys sitting at a desk reading a book and smiling
baby getting immunization shot
young boy wearing a black t-shirt with the wehat foundation logo holding a lolipop and smiling
boys playing football during a wehat foundation talent development camp

Save children from adversity caused by poverty and underdevelopment.

Many communities in central and eastern Uganda have families living on little or no significant income, poor shelter, a scarcity of nutritious meals, no access to proper healthcare, etc. In such communities, children are at risk of abuse, dropping out of school, growing up without the skills necessary for sustaining adulthood, and more.

At the WEHAT Foundation, we engage with these communities to identify their needs and challenges, design projects to help their development, and educate them on how they can benefit from these projects.

Our unique approach to advocating for child welfare

Through our work in child welfare, healthcare, education, advocacy, and sports, the WEHAT Foundation is addressing issues hindering the development of underserved communities. With a focus on children, especially girls, we are tackling issues like school dropouts, the need for shelter and food insecurity, idleness due to a lack of technical skills, and unemployment.

Join us in unlocking the amazing potential of every child

There are many ways you can help us make a difference in the lives of children, families, and communities in Uganda.

Spreading hope, joy, love and welfare in 2024

Join us as we visit communities in central and eastern Uganda during the Ramadhan and Easter periods this March and April.

poster for the Wehat Foundation charity golf tournament and photo exhibition fundraiser for education on July 5, 2024