To train and equip girls with urban farming knowledge.

Motivation for the project

On October 5, 2023, we launched a skill development initiative to equip girls with practical skills that will empower them to break the cycle of poverty in their communities. The initiative not only fosters independence but also contributes to the overall development of underserved areas.

How we are implementing Girls in Action

The project, Girls in Action, is being conducted in partnership with Afri-Fruits to enable the girls to grow their own food, breed their own domestic animals, and sell some of the proceeds to earn a living. The project also aims to create certified trainers to teach the communities that they dwell in.

Impact of the project

These girls will be awarded Directorate Industrial Training (DIT) certification at the end of the training. After the training, the girls will put the acquired knowledge into practice & farm at home. The produce from this farming will feed them, and some will be for sale, hence generating income. The girls will also be in a position to train others from their communities in Urban farming.

We hope to enroll this project in all our districts of operation by the end of 2024.